Project: NuMI @ FermiLab

Application: Pressure Grouting

Owner: United States Government

Installed: 24,000 Cubic Yards

This project consisted of filling around a 2,000’ long, 6’ diameter pipe in a 21’ wide tunnel. This pipe would later act as a gun barrel shooting neutrinos (sub-atomic particles) through the earth's crust to be caught and studied at a laboratory 200' below ground in Minnesota. This gun barrel needed to be encased to protect against corrosion and movement.

We used our volumetric dry mix equipment with a pump rated at 120 cubic yards per hour to place the material around the pipe. 4” slickline was used to pump the material up to 2,000' from the staging areas. One staging area was located adjacent to a stream in an environmentally sensitive wetland. Sophisticated dust collection, containment systems, and clean up procedures were required.

The project schedule required we work two shifts. Our daily production averaged 900 cubic yards. This allowed the project to move ahead on schedule and meet the demands of the owner.

MixOnSite has performed this scope of work successfully nationwide on many similar projects.