As the nation's pipeline infrastructure continues to age, more emphasis must be placed on repairing these underground systems. Sliplining and relining are two solutions that allow the installation of new pipe without having to dig a new trench. The existing pipe becomes “the host” for a new carrier pipe which is slipped into place. The annular space between the two pipes is then grouted to protect against shock and corrosion. The result is a “good as new” pipeline installed at substantial savings compared to traditional installation methods.

Whenever annular space grouting is required, the choice of material to be used is critical. Foam concrete is most often used to fill the annular space because this highly flowable material is able to completely fill the annular space. In addition, its lightweight nature allows it to be pumped longer distances at lower pressures which decreases the chance of floating or damaging the liner. It is also energy absorbent which offers added protection for the liner from ground movement.

Both the density and strength of foam concrete can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of projects. Certain conditions and project requirements may dictate the use of neat cement or other specialized grouts.

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