Foam concrete can be specifically formulated for use in underwater grouting applications. These grouts are lightweight low permeability materials that remain in a cohesive, well blended mix when placed or pumped in submerged conditions.

Specially formulated foam concrete can be placed underwater to encapsulate and protect timber piles that make up a structure of a pier or dock that are under attack by Shipworms, Marine Borers or other organisms.  This versatile lightweight foam concrete can also be used to completely fill areas under piers and platforms.

For structures adjacent to waterways, subsidence and washouts (structural issues) can occur due to erosion. Affected areas may include void areas under or adjacent to roads, parking lots, retaining walls and sheet piling. Geofill LD Marine can successfully fill these voids and prevent any further erosion.

  Foam concrete offers several advantages:
  • Applicable in wet, underwater or tidal applications
  • Load reducing fill to bridge over or replace weak soils
  • Displaces water effectively, will not segregate
  • Will fill small or hard to reach voids
  • Extremely flowable and pumpable