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How far can cellular concrete be pumped?

Cellular concrete is a very easily pumped, highly fluid mixture. The bulk of cellular concrete is placed by pumping. Cellular concrete typically will move through the pump lines using less pressure than typical heavier grout mixes. Cellular concrete can be pumped up to and exceeding 500 ft. vertically and 10,000 ft. horizontally is commonly available.

Are there lift requirements when placing cellular concrete?

Typically, Geofill Cellular Concrete is placed in 2' to 4' lifts depending on cell size. In most cases, nothing is done between lifts. Occasionally we see a specification that requires a scarification, but this is rare. This material is similar to soils, not concrete.

When placing cellular concrete below water table, what steps are taken to prevent floating?

In most cases, you must dewater before placing material. There must be enough load on top of our material to prevent uplift. Use of the Geofill-LD Pervious will help to reduce overall buoyancy.