Geofill Cellular Concrete products are lightweight materials produced by blending a cementitious slurry with a stable, three-dimensional pre-formed foam meeting ASTM C869. First, foam is produced by diluting a liquid foam concentrate with water, then pressurizing it with air and forcing it through a conditioning nozzle. The foam is then blended with a base mix consisting of cement, fly ash, water and sometimes aggregate. This causes the base mix to expand and become lighter. The air bubbles hold their shape until the cement hydrates permanently trapping the air in the material.



The density and strength of the material is a function of the mix design. While specific Geofill product performance characteristics will vary, all Geofill cellular concrete products offer these substantial benefits:

Low density - Lateral or vertical load reduction can be achieved without reducing strength or stability. Densities range from 20 to 120 PCF.

Non-Permeable or Permeable - More flexibility to solve specific construction challenges.  

High Bearing Capacity - Lightweight, yet stronger than soils or compacted fills.

Extremely Pumpable - High air content makes it easy to pump Geofill materials long distances at low pressures.

Highly Flowable - Self-leveling and will flow into and fill any void.

Compaction - No compaction is necessary. Use this product when future settlement cannot be tolerated.

Thermal Insulating Properties - Provides good insulating qualities.

Energy Absorbing - As cellular concrete is compressed during impact, resistance increases and kinetic energy is absorbed.