Geofill LD Hybrid is a low density concrete mix that contains aggregates and, while heavier than water, is still significantly lighter than regular concrete, grouts or soil. Densities and strengths can be formulated to match individual project needs.
  • Low Density – Although heavier than water, this material is significantly lighter than traditional backfill material. Excellentfor load reduction applications.
  • Underwater Placement – Anti-washout formulas even allow placement directly under water.
  • Pumpable – Special formulas make this a very pumpable material. Geofill LD Hybrid is an excellent choice for placement in abandoned pipes or other areas where dewatering is not possible.
  • Compaction – No compaction is necessary. Use this product when future settlement cannot be tolerated.
  • Flowable – Self-leveling and will flow into and fill any void.

Density by Design
lb/cu. ft.3
lb/cu. ft.3

70 65 50-400
80 75 75-650
90 85 100-1,200
100 95 100-1,800
110 105 100-3,00