The latest advancement in low density cellular concrete, Geofill LD Pervious is ideal for applications that require a combination of strength & high permeability as well as a cost saving alternative to lightweight aggregate.

This new product is very similar to Class I and Class II Geofill LD cellular and lightweight concrete in weight and strength. What makes this material unique is its ability to allow water to drain freely at rates measured at 230 feet per hour.

Geofill LD Pervious has densities ranging from 20 to 30 pounds per cubic foot. It is primarily used as a load reducing fill where drainage is needed. Drainage capacities exceed those obtainable from compacted soil or controlled low strength material (CLSM).

  • Low Density – With Geofill LD Pervious, load reduction can be achieved without sacrificing strength or stability making it ideal for reducing vertical loads over weak soils or underlying structures and lateral loads against MSE Panels and retaining walls. Best of all, it is free draining.
  • Highly Flowable – Geofill LD Pervious is an excellent material for open cut backfill projects due to its self leveling and pervious characteristics. It will easily fill around and into hard to reach areas.
  • High Bearing Capacity – Lightweight, yet stronger than soils or compacted fills, Geofill LD Pervious is frequently used as an embankment and bridge fill on highway projects where a free draining, lightweight material is required.
  • Excavatable – Ease of re-excavation makes Geofill LD Pervious an ideal choice for open cut backfill projects when weight and drainage are important considerations.
  • Extremely Pumpable – High air content makes it easy to pump Geofill LD Pervious long distances at low pressure.
  • Lightweight Aggregate Alternative - Geofill LD Pervious averages 29 PCF and 80 PSI, making it a more effective and money saving alternative to lightweight aggregate, utilized for both baseball stadiums in New York including Citi Field.